Integration Development

Healthcare Integration Development is about enabling disparate applications to communicate using best practice development standards and recognized messaging protocols in a secure real-time manner. It also ensures that patient data is never duplicated and available whenever and wherever needed, whether you are in a small GP Clinic or a multi-hospital NHS Trust.

An Integration Engine acts as the communications hub for a hospital’s applications. It allows you to upgrade or remove applications quickly without affecting the running of the hospital, due in part to the use of recognized standards which ThinkShield support through the use of the ITK interoperability toolkit.

When choosing us as your Integration Development partner, you’ll benefit from knowing that we:

  • Are Integration Engine development specialists
  • Are experts in e*Gate, JCAPS, Oracle SOA Suite, and IBM Message Broker
  • Have successfully completed large-scale migration projects
  • Are experienced in translating complex messages from a variety of protocols and formats including Hl7 v2.x to v3
  • Are chosen by some of the most prestigious NHS Trusts in the

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