Sepsis Indicator

Sepsis Indicator

Improving early detection and survival outcomes

Over 37,000 lives are claimed by sepsis in the UK each year. If the infection is not treated quickly, it can progress to a state of severe sepsis resulting in multi-organ failure, septic shock, and ultimately death. Aside from the significant clinical dangers to patients, sepsis also costs the NHS ВЈ2.5 billion every year.

Sepsis Indicator

Real-time, customizable, intuitive technology can play a significant role in supporting clinicians to identify and manage patients with sepsis.

Our ThinkVitals easy-to-use mobile application, which is designed to automate the clinical calculations behind a patient’s vital signs using NEWS2 scores, includes a specific Sepsis Indicator to alert doctors and nurses to any patient who may be developing sepsis.

It works by notifying clinical staff in real-time, if any two of the SIRS 5 indicators are outside their predetermined range, enabling healthcare providers to.

  • Identify causes of severe sepsis and take immediate and appropriate action
  • Empower staff to help them make faster decisions that help to save lives and improve patient care
  • Improve intervention rates through faster identification

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